Ficus sp. is a genus of fig trees comprised of hundreds of species. This popular little tree is native to Asia, Africa, and other tropical regions around the world. Ginseng Grafted Ficus is commonly referred to as Ficus microcarpa ‘Ginseng’. The grafted version is cultivated in China and Malaysia, then imported. The root is painstakingly developed into the multi-trunked, thick rooted base that earned the plant the name “Pot Belly Fig”, then a small-leaved ficus is grafted onto the root, producing this fascinating tree.

The small, glossy, dark green leaves of this tree are favored for their density and friendliness to shaping. The trunk is fat with exposed roots, giving it the look of the medicinal ginseng root even though it is unrelated. The lush, sturdy, tropical feel of the tree, often with aerial roots adding to its visual interest makes it a favorite among enthusiasts and an oft-recommended starter tree for beginners.