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The locals choice in the heart of Redmond, Or.

Earth’s Art is located in downtown Redmond, or – we are at the corner or SW 5th st. and SW Forest Ave.

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Come visit us downtown Redmond, where you can discover a variety of quality made and locally grown items that are designed to peak your interest and satisfy your gardening needs. We host an assortment of unique hanging baskets, perennials and annuals. Each is grown or designed to be especially hardy for our unique climate.
We have a broad assortment of fruit trees. We also offer trees like Aspen, Canada Red Chokecherry and an assortment of Crabapple and Flowering Plum in our selection of hardy deciduous trees.
Our speciality, are dwarf evergreens, high quality, low maintenance, extraordinary color and texture. This product has been designed and built by ISELI, A unique nursery out of Boring Oregon. ISELI has been building unique Evergreens for over 5 decades. These evergreens are Zone 2,3,4,5 perfect for our harsh climate. With evergreens you get 12 months of color and beauty. ISELI evergreens are just the right product for your landscape because they won’t grow so big they fall out of the context of your landscape.
Japanese Maples are a beautiful backyard specimen, ISELI has made a Japanese maple crossed with the Korean Maple. We now have the beauty of the Japanese Maple and with the hardy Korean Maple.  Get this cold climate tree ( -30 degrees and FULL Sun), this Jack Frost series from ISELI is a perfect stunner for the Central Oregon Climate.
When you are looking for Ornamental Grasses, we stock Karl Forester, Blue Oat, Feather Reed, Fescue, Rush and as well as a larger assortment of landscape quality species.
Our signature plant is the hanging basket– in Spring we sell the very biggest and most colorful hanging baskets in the area. Our baskets last from May to October and can grow to 4 – 5 feet in length. These baskets make a great entry piece or an iconic eye-catcher on your porch. We take special orders and large volume orders early in February.


Open Monday – Saturday 10-5:00 PM and Sunday 10-3:00 PM

Come see us:
Earth’s Art
612 SW 5th Street
Redmond, Oregon 97702

(541) 527-1336

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Annuals, Perennials & Hanging Baskets

Our specialty is hanging baskets–we sell the very biggest and most colorful hanging baskets in the area. Our baskets last from May to October.


We stock the area’s largest inventory of artisan pottery – from large to small to water featured pottery, whatever you’re looking for you can find at Earth’s Art in Redmond, Oregon.


Landscaping is an art. That is why we work with you to determine how we can best meet your needs and dreams. From small backyards to  multi acres Ranches to School, we can make it happen

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