Earth’s Art Made The News!!!

This month, something special happened. Our nursery made the news!! It looks like turning an old gas station into a green luxurious tropical forest didn’t go unnoticed. The Redmond Spokesman recently published an article presenting our nursery to Redmond. Reading from a third eye our adventure so far, really made us proud of all the work we accomplished with you here.

Redmond spokesman earth's art Michael Ludeman

Photo Taken By Lydia Valenti for Redmond Spokesman.

Their article reminded us how only whitin a year, we were able to launch “drive-up” sales for hanging baskets in the spring, create a pumpkin patch with it’s maze in the fall, and offer Christmas trees during the holiday season. Every season was a blast and this all thanks to you and your support.

Add to that 1500 square foot of jungle filled with unique tropical plants, and it becomes clear why we named this place: “Earth’s Art.” As we launch a new season, we hope to provide your and our community with even more unique plants, trees, pottery and creative ideas that will thrive in Central Oregon.

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